Uesugi Kagekatsu


Uesugi Kagekatsu




Bow and Arrow

Kagekatsu is a samurai who trains with Keiji Maeda for the use of Qi, she she is very jealous when keiji visit to Muneakira in his dojo and begins to flirt with Muneakira the degree of participation in the proposed game Keiji be the bride of Muneakira, but Keiji just play with it later after demostrar the kind of man he was Muneakira, Keiji asks Kagekatsu as resembling Muneakira and she had replied that it was an interesting man.Kagekatsu has dreams of a life with Keiji. She uses as weapons a bow and arrow. :Her nickname "Kagenu" was given to her by Keiji.

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