Hozoin Inshun
Hozoin Inshun


Hozoin Inshun






Dark Samurai

Hozoin Inshun is a Master Samurai, and a member of the Dark Samurais.


Inshun is part of the Dark Samurai and the only one of them that does not use a sword as weapon, using instead a spear. Along with Gisen, she is the only character in the series that uses psychological attacks, being able to perform seals and also communicate with animals like birds.


She is a teen but appears to be younger, having the attributes of a loli including being short and having small breasts. She wears a school uniform and a scarf. She has a long blue hair, and her eyes are purple.


Inshun is a very quiet person. Because of the Dark Samurai reanimation, Inshun lost the ability to talk by herself, so she can only talk through a special device. That's probably why she doesn't talk too much.

When she meets Jubei, they become friends quickly, but still, Inshun didn't talk too much. She expressed all her happy feelings about their friendship with a smile on her face.



Inshun has showed strong mental powers, being able to perform seals or communicate with animals. When the Dark Samurais attack the Yagyu Dojo, Inshun perform a seal on Muneakira's hands. This seal make Muneakira incapable of using any sword.

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